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Welcome to the new, simplified self-service support center for T-Square.  All you have to do is answer a few basic questions and, if at all possible, we'll give you immediate suggestions for solving your problem.  However, if we can't offer automated advice for your problem, then we'll quickly direct you to someone who can help.

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There are three methods for submitting midterm and final grades from T-Square to Banner (OSCAR).

  1. Using the Gradebook tool in T-Square: You can submit grades directly from this tool, which includes two validation checks to help prevent problems:
    • It checks that grades match the rubric the Registrar expects, e.g. letter grades or pass/fail
    • It ensures that the Instructor of Record is submitting the grades
    Detailed documentation follows:
  2. Using a tab-delimited file: You can also upload your grades from a tab-delimited spreadsheet using the Banner web interface. Here's how to access the interface:
    1. Navigate to http://oscar.gatech.edu
    2. Select "Secured Access Login"
    3. Login with your gtID# and Banner PIN#
    4. Select "Faculty Services"
    5. Select "Upload Your Grades From a File" (see below for two methods to create this file)
    6. Follow the prompts within the Banner Web interface from this point on

    Creating the Tab-Delimited File

    1. If you've been using the Gradebook, you can export the tab-delimited file for uploading in the proper Banner format. See the last page of the "Electronic Submission of Grades using the Gradebook Tool" above for how to export your tab-delimited file.
    2. If you have been using Excel or other spreadsheet software to create your gradebook, then you will use it to create the tab-delimited file for uploading into Banner; make sure you follow the Banner instructions for proper formatting and naming columns.
  3. Using the Grades tool in T-Square: If you are using the new, Grades tool in T-Square, you can export a spreadsheet that can be uploaded using the Banner Web interface. The following document gives step-by-step directions for exporting your grades and formatting a spreadsheet that Banner can accept:

If the suggestions provided do not solve your problem, please open a support request ticket and provide as much detail about your problem as possible.

Between 8 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, you can also try calling the OIT Technical Support Center for general web browser support, or if you are on the main Georgia Tech Campus, you can stop by the OIT Technical Support Center located on the second floor of the Clough Commons building, just behind the Starbucks cafe.

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