T-Square FAQ and Service Requests

Welcome to the new, simplified self-service support center for T-Square.  All you have to do is answer a few basic questions and, if at all possible, we'll give you immediate suggestions for solving your problem.  However, if we can't offer automated advice for your problem, then we'll quickly direct you to someone who can help.

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I have multiple sections of course XYZ that I teach, and I'd like to have them all in one T-Square worksite.  Is this possible?

Yes!  The T-Square support team provides a tool in the T-Square Management Tools that lets you combine standard academic term course sections into a single worksite.  Many of the regular tools, like Assignments and Tests & Quizzes will allow you to release items to only specifically selected sections within a worksite.

New for 2014:.  You can now choose one existing course worksite to be your 'master' worksite, into which the other sections that you select will be moved.  This means that you can now preserve the content and student work in one site while adding other sections to that site, which will be a great benefit if you should be assigned extra sections of a course at the last moment. However, please be aware that you still cannot transfer existing student work from multiple course sites into a single site.  If you have already allowed your students to begin submitting assignments or taking tests and/or quizzes, etc. in more than one of the sections that you want to combine you should not attempt to combine those course sections.

How to I go about combining my course sections in T-Square?

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  • I control all of the course sections that I want to combine.
  • I want to combine some of my course sections with sections controlled by one or more other instructors.
  • I already have a combined worksite, but I need to add some more sections to it.
  • I messed up (or changed my mind) and combined a course section that wasn't supposed to be combined.  Can I uncombine that section?

If the suggestions provided do not solve your problem, please open a support request ticket and provide as much detail about your problem as possible.

Between 8 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, you can also try calling the OIT Technical Support Center for general web browser support, or if you are on the main Georgia Tech Campus, you can stop by the OIT Technical Support Center located on the second floor of the Clough Commons building, just behind the Starbucks cafe.

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Please visit https://status.gatech.edu for the current status of T-Square.