Browser Diagnostics Test

Before contacting T-Square support for help with what may be a web browser related issue, you should try running our Browser Diagnostics Test, which will check your browser to make sure it has all the right features turned on for T-Square, and doesn't have any known compatibility issues.

Please note that this test, like T-Square, requires JavaScript and pop-up windows to be enabled.  If you know you have disabled either one of these functions in your browser, please turn them on now.  If you prefer, you can limit these functions to the following web sites and you will still be able to run T-Square and the browser diagnostics test:

Legal notice: the Browser Diagnostics Test does not send any personal information about you back to the T-Square support team (or anyone else at Georgia Tech or otherwise).  It merely runs within your browser in order to test it and show you the results of that test.  The only information recorded about your use of the browser test are the standard pieces of data (e.g. IP address and browser identification string [AKA the UserAgent string]) that your browser sends to every website that you visit.

Begin the Browser Diagnostics Test

Once the test is complete, you will be given additional instructions on how to proceed.