Web Browser Plugins

In order to view all documents provided in your T-Square course, it may be necessary to download one or more plugins.  You may wish to go ahead and download and install all of these plugins before you start to use T-Square.   All of the plugins listed below are free and can be installed on your home computer.

Please note: in some cases, you may not need the listed plugin, or you may be able to use a plugin from another vendor.  For example, most Macintosh computers can open PDF files with the built-in Preview tool, though installing Adobe Acrobat will give you additional features not available in Preview.  The plugins listed are know to be the most commonly used, but are in no way recommended or endorsed by Georgia Tech or the T-Square Support Staff.

FileType Description Plugin Needed
PDF File Portable Document File Adobe Acrobat Reader
SWF File Flash Interactive Content Adobe Flash Player
MOV or QT File Quicktime Movie Apple QuickTime Player
PPT File Powerpoint Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007