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T-Square is a Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE) based on the code produced by the Sakai open source community, of which Georgia Tech is a leading member.

T-Square is both a product and an ongoing project - one with the aim of bringing both relevance and coherence to the online support of Georgia Tech's teaching, learning, and research missions. The project will seek to engage the broader community as participants in the development, while development priorities will be established by a faculty committee.

There are no known problems with T-Square at this time.

Fall 2016 Final Grade Submission

Posted December 7, 2016 at 10:00 AM EST

Instructors:  Fall 2016 grade submission opens on Wednesday, December 7th. Instructions on submitting grades through T-Square are available at T-Square Project web site. All grades must be entered by noon on Monday, December 19th.